Define a Minimum Time for Discussion Before the Creation of Governance Proposals


The idea is to define a minimum time that allows for discussion and community interaction before moving to an on-chain governance proposal on Zeitgeist. This is an informal measure and not strictly enforced but that should leave enough leeway between a discussion being created and some entity starting a governance proposal.

Our proposed time for is 3 days allowed for discussion. Which could be increased if deemed necessary or when Governance 2 is enacted on Zeitgeist.

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Zeitgeist generally encourages discussing proposals on this platform before launching them, as stated in the governance announcement post. It is also highly encouraged to use to create a token holder poll on an idea before launching it. Token holders can vote off-chain with their available token balance there to reflect their opinion on the proposal itself or different options of a proposal. Such polls also provide means to discuss the proposed changes. Creating a dedicated discussion post on this forum before opening the poll is also suggested, because it might improve the proposal itself and the available options before setting those up for a poll.

I wonder, what is the reason behind setting a time limit? To me it makes sense to give the proposer the freedom to decide when consensus was met off-chain and a proposal should be created or discarded and when enough time has passed without reaching consensus, which should lead to an on-chain proposal as well.

In any case, token holders can provide backing to on-chain proposals to assign more weight to those proposals. The proposal with the highest backing will always be tabled as a referendum first.

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It makes sense, 3 days was just an example borrowed from the Cosmos ecosystem where the minimum amount is 3 days. Though, in reality there is an unwritten etiquette to discuss for at least a week or two. Then, would it make sense an off-chain vote with these three values?

  1. 7 days
  2. 10 days
  3. 15 days
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Agreed, 3 days seems like enough time.